2nd Conference on Participatory Design: Transforming the City (2023)

The 2nd Conference on Participatory Design, titled: "Transforming the City: Public Space and Environment, Inequalities and Democracy"​ took place 20-22 October 2023 in Athens. The Conference was structured on four main thematic areas: 1. Public Space 2. Environment and Climate Change 3. Socio-spatial Inequalities and Spatial Justice 4. Urban Development and Governance. The aim was to broaden the debate on these issues while bridging the gap between research contributions and real-life field experiences and involving the application of participatory processes and tools. Additionally, it sought to connect theory with institutional policy implementation. To achieve these objectives, the conference process itself strove for greater inclusion and participation through a combination of papers and posters, round tables, presentations, participatory workshops, and plenary discussions.