Data collection from territorial cases: London

London-based network of more than 200 community groups seeking to influence planning in the city. The plan drew on contributions from more than 60 London-based community groups, presenting 44 policy proposals designed to radically alter the course of London’s planning. Ranging from the personal to the collective, from the neighbourhood to the city-wide, the plan’s propositions converge around strong demands for ‘A Caring City’, ‘Visibility and Influence for All’, ‘A City of Local Neighbourhoods’ and ‘Priority for Climate and Nature’. The ultimate goal is to promote a co-constructed transformation of neighbourhoods so that they are more inclusive, attentive to the needs of people and citizens and to the climate and environment. The 29 resources on the list were identified by the London FVlab (Just Space and UCL) and the K&I team. It should be emphasised that the Just Space network carries out studies and research on some of the issues of interest.

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