Data collection from territorial cases: Giza

The FVlab in Giza takes place in the Mansheyat Dahshur (40,000 inhabitants) a peri-urban municipality of the Giza Governorate, in the Greater Cairo Region, that suffers from both a seriously deteriorating solid waste management system and poor a waste disposal practice. In this context, Giza FVLab aims to bring together the citizens, the authorities, and researchers to realize a co-mapping and co-assessment of the solid waste situation and to co-develop a realistic action plan based on innovative local solutions, supported by the best available expertise. The FVlab intends to tackle the urban and agricultural waste challenge in all its dimensions (waste minimisation, collection, sorting, transport, recycling, etc.), involving all stakeholders (inhabitants, CSOs, informal waste collectors, private sector, and local and regional authorities). Based on these objectives, the FVlab intends to work on a description and definition of the existing situation in the area of intervention, with particular reference to waste management, using cartographic maps, existing statistical data, and datasets (including those related to the 2017 census), research reports and official documents on land management and urban planning; information and reports disseminated by the media. The description of the situation will take into account the different dimensions of inequality in the area and how these impact different social groups (intersectionality). The FVlab has already collected documentation and statistical data both in English and in Arabic. The resources identified by the FVlab were supplemented with those found by the K&I team through a keyword search in English.

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