Data collection from territorial cases: Dakar

The Dakar FVlab represents an opportunity to strengthen the work of UrbaSEN and the Federation Senegalaise des Habitants ‒ FSH, aimed at mitigating the effects of the floods affecting the city's peripheral areas by helping local residents to define and implement urban development projects that put them at the centre of planning and implementation. The two Senegalese associations are trying to mitigate floods using (1) a revolving “Urban Poor Fund” (Fonds Rotatif) operated by saving groups and used to catalyse projects; and (2) a participatory mapping to identify challenges and aspirations and facilitate dialogue with public authorities. The “Fonds Rotatif” is a solidarity-based, sustainable, and self-managed financing mechanism that enables members of FSH groups to rebuild their housing, strengthen income-generating activities, and co-finance street-level community micro projects in several intervention communes. Participatory mapping is based on the knowledge of citizens and neighbourhood residents and requires the implementation of raising awareness, training, and consultation and dialogue with stakeholders. In general terms, the FVlab aims to empower residents to acquire a “decision-making culture”, and then to promote concerted planning at the grassroots level between residents and decision-makers, with a view to making a significant contribution to improving the living environment and conditions of the most vulnerable inhabitants. In this context, statistical data, datasets, and cartographies on both inequality (including also spatial inequality, poverty, social exclusion, etc.) and environmental vulnerability and risks can be used by the FVlab to assess the existing situation of the different territories, to be supplemented and integrated with local knowledge and information (participatory mapping). To this end, 31 resources were identified on different topics such as inequality, democratic participation, and environmental risks.

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